Here I am. Ready to start my 4-month transformation. My best friend is getting married to the love of her life in October, and this is my catalyst for a whole body change. Follow #BeastModeBridesmaid to see my progress!

While the goal is to look great in pictures, my story goes much deeper than that. My journey with Christian Koshaba and Three60Fit started last April. At my daughter's seventh birthday party, I stood in the kitchen with a dear friend who was telling me to work out with her trainer. "Oh no, I don't sweat. I don't work out. It is not something I enjoy!" I declared. I owned the same pair of gym shoes for eight years and they looked like new, coming out of the closet only for the occasional grocery shopping. My workouts consisted of a walk around the park with my daughter.

And then I had a picture taken of me in May. Wow, was that an eye opener! I was bigger than I had been in years.

The problem is that any time in my life that I have been skinny, I have been emotionally unhealthy.  I joined a diet program where I became obsessive about calories and pounds to the point where, at my skinniest, my friends were worried about me.  I was struggling with depression and the weight loss was a distraction. 

After I had my baby, I kept the weight on for years. I was not motivated to work out after she was born, so the pounds just stayed with me. Three years after she was born, my marriage fell apart. The divorce led to stress, which led to massive weight loss.  My friends at the time were encouraging me to continue to lose weight, rather than noticing that eating fast food four times a week was still resulting in my body deteriorating. 

Then, I started to rebuild – my life, my faith, my friends, my career, my family.  I had let all of these things go down a dark path and it was time to get back on track. Over the course of four years, I became a strong, confident, Christian woman and surrounded myself with the type of support that every woman should have. I was incredibly thankful for this journey out of the darkness.

The problem? With emotional health came weight gain. I didn't notice because my life was on the right track. Now, I've noticed. The goal is to get my body as healthy as my mind and spirit.

Last summer, I started working out sporadically with Christian in his outdoor programs. When he opened up the amazing Three60fit facility in October, I started going a little more regularly. It’s time to put it into Beast Mode and watch the transformation.

I do not have a goal weight. I do not have a goal for how many inches my waist or hips should measure. My goal is to create a healthy lifestyle change.

Are you with me?