I began training with Christian nearly three years ago. I was lucky to meet him at a time in my life when I was feeling the effects of concentrating on work and family more so than my own health. I was encouraged by family and friends to strike a new balance, and working with Christian made the transition easier than I had imagined. Exercise had changed since my days of step aerobics and I’ll admit that the idea of putting on boxing gloves and flipping tires was a bit intimidating. Christian proved to be a capable and patient teacher (one of the highest compliments I can share) – with a good sense of humor. 

Christian incorporates strength, flexibility, cardio and stability work into his sessions. He is also adept at adjusting his sessions (whether private or group) to the needs of the individual on any given day. He’s been especially thoughtful in designing workouts when my knees were injured or my back was strained – sessions that tended to those specific needs while also moving my general health forward. And though I won’t ever be as athletic as I was 20 years ago, I am in a much better place in all four areas of fitness now than I was three years ago. Christian’s emphasis on overall wellness and dedication to his clients makes it easy to maintain a focus on your health goals. And the kindness and genuine care he communicates is exceptionally motivating. Besides, when you’re struggling to bench press a new weight, who wouldn’t want a trainer who can lift that bar with just one pinky?!