I do not have a goal weight. I do not have a goal for how many inches my waist or hips should measure. My goal is to create a healthy lifestyle change...    Read More »


I am looking forward to the road ahead with Christian and Three60fit, and what I am going to achieve in overcoming a very difficult personal and long-time struggle...    Read More »


With the help and dedication from Christian, he has shown me what I am capable to achieve… something I never expected...    Read More »


‘This guy is not going to be able to help me, no one can.’ He proved me wrong. He gave me the courage to not give up...    Read More »


What sets Christian apart from other trainers ... he has worked around and through my limitations due to asthma and unstable joints due to several surgeries and injuries...    Read More »

Susan B

Christian demonstrated loyalty and dedication to me, and encouraged me to find those characteristics in myself, to believe in myself and to develop the dedication to my own self and wellness...    Read More »


Christian proved to be a capable and patient teacher (one of the highest compliments I can share) – with a good sense of humor. ..    Read More »