It was during high school that my struggle with weight began. My freshman year, I wrestled at 125 lbs, but stopped my involvement with sports after that first year. By the end of senior year, I had gained 80lbs.

Upon high school graduation, I enlisted as an infantryman in the U.S. Army. My first day in basic training I weighed in at roughly 205lbs. Basic training lasted about 14 weeks. I remember the day of my graduation like it was yesterday. My entire family came to the ceremony. I remember my mom looking around through the various young 19-year faces, trying to find me; all along I was standing no more than five feet away from her. I had lost approximately 55lbs, and no longer looked like I used to prior to leaving for boot camp. My dad immediately recognized me, and pointed me out to my mother. I could see tears in my mom’s eyes immediately, and the words “OH MY GOD!” being whispered through her lips. She could not believe how much I had changed.

I eventually settled in at 189lbs through my military career. Even though I had gained roughly 35lbs after basic training, I was in tiptop shape. I always maxed out my Army physical fitness test.

At the end of my military contract, it came time to make a decision to either make the military my career, or get out and pursue a college degree. I chose to pursue my education. With no time to really do anything but my schoolwork and go to work, I had gained approximately 80lbs only two years after getting out of the military.

I began “doing my best” to lose all the weight I had gained in college, with no real results. I pushed myself to the limits when I went to the gym, but the majority of the time I ended up hurting or injuring myself. I tended to push too hard thinking I was still in the shape I was back in the military.

Mentally I am capable of withstanding a lot of punishment, but physically it has become something completely different. Weighing in at almost 283lbs, it’s very difficult to push yourself without injuring yourself.

Enough was enough, and I needed to get this weight off once and for all.  It was my brother that told me to reach out to Christian and this fabulous facility of Three60fit! I connected with Christian almost immediately and explained to him how much I have been struggling with my weight, and how I need to shed this once and for all.

I am not setting a weight loss goal, because I tend to push the limits in what I am trying to accomplish. I am looking forward to the road ahead with Christian and Three60fit, and what I am going to achieve in overcoming a very difficult personal and long-time struggle.